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Hispanics and Latinos hit hard by coronavirus economic fallout

Hispanics and Latinos dropped by 66% - the largest of all racial groups during the Great Recession.

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Author: Monique Griego (Reporter)
Published: 8:30 PM PDT April 3, 2020
Updated: 8:30 PM PDT April 3, 2020

People across the world are dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus, when it comes to workers, some groups are being hit harder financially than others.

One of the communities hardest hit by the coronavirus economic fallout has been the Latino and Hispanic communities.

“A lot of Latinos tend to generate into the hospitality industry, restaurant industry. It seems we are the most affected and it takes us the longest to recover from it as well,” said Iris Garcia, president and CEO of the San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

A study done last month by the Pew Research Center showed that Hispanics and Latinos are more concerned about the threat of the virus to their health and financial situation because around 66% do not have jobs with the ability to work from home – keeping them employed and with a paycheck.

During the great recession, research showed the household wealth among Hispanics and Latinos dropped by 66% - the largest of all racial groups.

Garcia said she knows they are by far not the only community suffering.“  It seems to be a trend across the board,” she said.

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