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Join us for an exciting event at the National City Public Library on expanding your Business with the Port of San Diego.How to Expand your Business with the Port of San Diego.Learn valuable insights on leveraging the resources and opportunities the Port of San Diego offers to grow your business. Whether you're a small startup or an established company, this event is perfect for anyone looking...
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Knowing who is most likely to be affected by Alzheimer’s Disease can be essential in identifying signs early.Most people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are 65 or older, but signs can start earlier in your adult life, and women and communities of color are at higher risk.As the second leading cause of death in the state, and diagnoses expected to double by 2040, early...
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Flood Support

As we know, many were impacted by the flash floods on Monday. While there aren’t specific relief programs at this time for small businesses, there are still things that can be done depending on each individual business and their situation. As such, a business impacted can get with one of our SBDC advisors to assess their situation and put a recovery plan together.

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