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Healthcare Coverage from CHCC and SDCHCC - Offer it to your Employees

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For small business owners and their employees, healthcare coverage can be confusing and expensive. High premiums, higher deductibles, out of pocket expenses, narrow networks, and subsidy income limits, can make existing options unaffordable and unusable.

The San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce that as a member you and your employees now have access to the first healthcare program designed specially for small business and sole proprietors. 

You can learn about these plans that feature extensive networks, no deductibles for doctor office visits, and low copays by going to the following website.

In order to receive or offer these benefits your membership will need to be verified.

For you to offer these benefits to your employees to be asked to verify they are your employees.

Billing will be handled directly with the individual and not the employer.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions